Creating America 2.0

How can the next version of America (i.e. America 2.0) be created? This would be a version of America that cherishes liberty and rejects government since it always acts counter to individual freedom.

So what are the steps to create America 2.0?
  1. Stop voting. The citizens cannot expect to create a new version of America by supporting and recognizing the existing government. By not voting the populace is withdrawing consent of the current system.
  2. Withdraw money from banks. The current government money and banking system (i.e the Federal Reserve) exists to protect the banks and their interests. This system is easily defeated if people were to withdrawal a portion of their savings from the banking system and convert their savings to a hard currency (gold or silver). Also, this step is a very important prerequisite for step 3.
  3. Stop paying taxes. America 1.0 was created by people who refused to pay taxes. America 2.0 would be created in the same manner. A date could be chosen where taxpayers would stop paying taxes. The government could attempt to put everyone in jail but the government would quickly realize that they would starve if all the productive people are in jail. Another version of this could be to have people cut back on their work hours to reduce income. Citizens could reduce their income to a level where they would pay no income taxes. This would be a way of drastically reducing tax payments within the legal confines defined by the government. I think this is counter productive, however, since it still recognizes the existing government with the ability to tax. It's important to have some money outside of the banking system before this step is undertaken. The government will use any means necessary to get their hands on other people's money. They will have no problem directly taking money from people's bank accounts.
  4. Refuse to serve in the government military. This one shouldn't need any explanation.
  5. Refuse to sell products and services to the government and its employees. If a government employee wishes to purchase food, clothing, gas, etc. all they have to do is resign from their tax consuming position and join the voluntary private sector.
  6. Stop using government money. The government gains a huge advantage by being the monopolizer of legal currency. It is usually one of the first recipients of newly printed money which allows the government to spend the money before its inflationary effects show up in higher prices after the new money circulates. A huge blow to the government would be to stop using government money. Use anything but government money to buy/sell goods and services. Gold, silver, wheat, corn, tobacco, or even some form of digital money could all be used to settle trade.
  7. Never condone violence. This is the most important step in the entire process. Governments believe their validity is established through the threat of violence. The existing government will be itching to draw the rebels into a armed battle. This way the government can prove its superiority by violently defeating the resistance. To create an America 2.0 of lasting peace, the citizens have to desire peace to begin with. If rebels rise up violently to defeat the existing government then the leaders of the violent rebellion tend to have no problem using violence to maintain their power once they have acquired it. George Washington's handling of the Whiskey Rebellion is a good example of this. Washington sent federal troops to western Pennsylvania to suppress the farmers who refused to pay the whiskey tax. This occurred in the early 1790s - not even 20 years after Washington lead a militia to gain independence from an over-taxing government. This is a recurring theme in history - a rebel leader violently topples an existing oppressive government only to install his own brutal regime.
Of course these steps could be applied to create FreeWorld 1.0. Just need to pick a date.

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