Tax reduction idea: become an IRS Whistleblower

The "IRS Whistleblower Informant" program has been in place since 2006. This program rewards people who inform the IRS of taxpayers who are not paying the appropriate amount of taxes. The IRS will award the informant with a percentage of the money they collect from the recalcitrant taxpayer. For incomes under $200,000 the whistleblower can receive up to 15% of the amount the IRS recovers.

So this gave me an idea on how to reduce my tax bill. First, I'll stop paying taxes. Then after I fail to file a tax return I'll become a whistleblower and turn myself in to the IRS. The IRS will collect the taxes I failed to pay and give me back up to 15% for being the whistleblower.

Genius. I'm sure nothing could go wrong.

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