A smaller IRS hurts taxpayers

Do a search on "IRS Budget" and you get the following Orwellian doublespeak headlines from the Ministry of Truth:

First, who is the government watchdog cited in the headlines? It is Nina E. Olson, according to the articles, who is the "national taxpayer advocate" (there are already many taxpayer advocates...their called "politicians") and "...an independent watchdog within the agency". Quite a watchdog.

The articles all say the same thing: the IRS budget is to be cut by 2.5 % and the cut will make "...it harder for the agency to help taxpayers, detect fraud and bolster revenue collection even as budget deficits surge...". Amazing...in one sentence the IRS describes how it would like to help taxpayers: figuring out ways to steal more of their money. That definition of "help" seems about right coming from the government.

The government propaganda just gets more bizarre as the machine loses its grip.

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