Evil pirate banks

This yahoo article talks about people stashing their money into "pirate" banks so as to avoid their money being confiscated by the professional criminal class - government.

Oh dear!  The nerve of some people to believe they should keep what they earn.

The article contains the typical superficial analysis on how these pirate banks are "robbing" the government of revenue:

That hidden wealth is costing governments $280 billion a year in lost tax revenue, the report says.
This type of statement is not surprising.  There are an abundance of so-called news articles that explain how people try to hide their money to keep it out of the hands of thieves.  Of course the journalists are appalled that such people exist and so such articles always take the side of the robbers.

What really surprised me was the following line in the article:

The 'pirate banking' system now launders, shelters, manages and, if necessary, re-domiciles the riches of many of the world's worst villains, as well as the tangible and intangible assets and liabilities of many of our wealthiest individuals

"Our" wealthiest individuals?  Huh?  The last time I checked the word "our" indicates possession.  Our dog.  Our car.  Our house.  Our wealthiest individuals?  Scary.

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