Michael Arrington upset about Homeland Security taking his boat

Mr. Arrington ordered a boat from Canada.  Upon the boat's arrival in the US a Homeland Security official needed Mr. Arrington's signature on a form.  Mr. Arrington noticed a discrepancy in some of the financial information reported on the form so he refused to sign the form at which point the Department of Homeland Security seized Mr. Arrington's new boat.  Arrington complains about the "bastards" on his blog as well as "...how screwed up our government bureaucracy has become".

I agree with his assessment of the government however I find it hard to sympathize with his condition.

Let me explain.

In an article written by Mr. Arrington back in September he detailed why the super rich, like himself, do not pay income taxes since income taxes are too high.  Instead, the rich prefer to make money using capital gains which are taxed at lower rates.  What was Mr. Arrington's assessment of his tax situation?  He was not taxed enough.  You read that correctly:  he was not taxed enough.

From the article: "I make almost all my money on carried interest via CrunchFund. And I’m telling you right now that it’s undertaxed. It should be taxed at normal income tax rates."

What does Mr. Arrington believe the government will do with more of his money?  Does he believe there will be less bureaucracy?  This is why I find it hard to sympathize with his condition.  He advocates for more government but when he himself is the victim of a growing government he complains about that same government which he believes should have more of his money.

In the same article where Arrington advocates for higher taxes he takes pride in using the word "specious".  He tells his readers to go look up the word if they don't know what it means.  Maybe Mr. Arrington should take time to look up words like "inchoate", "illogical", and "discordant" to name a few.

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