Penelope Soto offends a tyrant, goes to jail

Imagine being dragged in front of a dress wearing man who is attempting to set the bond amount that you must fork over so that you return to his lair at which point he'll determine how to properly punish you for possessing a dangerous substance.  Your only crime was the possession of a substance a group of politicians deemed dangerous.  No one was harmed by your possession of this substance.  Absolutely no one.  This is the illogical craziness of the war on drugs.

Well, some are amused by the silliness of it all.  Witness one Penelope Soto.

Penelope was appearing before a judge for possession of some Xanax pills.  The judge was attempting to set Penelope's bond.  Penelope giggled throughout the proceeding and avoided answering the judge when he asked her how much her jewelry was worth.  Maybe Penelope was giggling because she was nervous.  Maybe she was giggling because she was high.  Maybe she was giggling because she found the whole oppressive exercise amusing.  I don't know.  Anyway, the judge was not amused by her flippant attitude and seemed to be irritated because she was not trembling in the presence of his awesomeness.

The judge initially set the bail at $5,000.

Penelope cheerfully said "Adios" and turned to leave the courtroom probably elated to finally be free, even though temporarily, from the tyrant.

At that point the judge, obviously irritated, ordered her to return and raise the bond to $10,000.

Penelope, shocked that the equal hand of the law has different bail amounts based on the use of the word "Adios", showed her disgust by giving the tyrant the finger and saying "Fuck You".

The tyrant, excuse me "judge", still perturbed that Penelope was not respectful of his greatness, ordered Penelope to spend 30 days in jail.

Every day citizens throughout the country are given the finger and told to fuck off.  Somehow they are able to cope without extorting money from one another or throwing each other into cages.  But not so for the wearer of a government dress.  No.  All shall bow down before him, bask in his glory and never cross the glorious one.  Disgusting.

I feel for Ms. Soto.  I watched the video and smiled at she treated the affair with the amount of care it should have been given.  The comments to internet articles, however, show that most Americans side with the judge.  That she should bow down before the judge in his courtroom.  She should respect the judge and his courtroom.  Some slaves can't imagine life without masters and are appalled when someone will not lick the boot or kiss the ring.

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