Does Google Glass have a chance?

Does Google Glass have a chance?  I don't think so.

Several articles have appeared recently stating Google Glass will be the wave of the future.  I'm not so sure.  Google Glass is an indication to me that Google is ran by engineers instead of a product designer who understands the desire for attractive products.  Engineers are typically terrible at product design since they place very heavy emphasis of function over form.  When making a purchase a typical engineer will construct a spreadsheet comparing all the features of different models of a product in an attempt to determine which model provides the most "bang for the buck".  The engineer rarely takes into consideration the form or attractiveness of the product.  I have quite a few spreadsheets as proof of this behavior.

Most people want to look nice.  See the substantial size of the fashion, makeup and plastic surgery industries as proof of this.  In fact, people are willing to shoot lasers into their eye balls in an effort to rid them self of unsightly glasses.

Google glasses are not attractive and I believe this will be a major hindrance to their adoption.  I was skeptical of 3D TVs that also required glasses.  Who wants to put on glasses to watch TV?  Google Glass could meet the same fate as 3D glasses.

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