Melinda Gates saves lives using birth control. Huh?

I literally laughed out loud when I read the headline "Melinda Gates Will Saves Thousands of Lives With Birth Control".

Yes, the best way to save lives is to prevent them from being created.

If her "life-saving" technique were adopted by all women then within a few decades all life would vanquish.

Quite the life saving technique.

But don't worry.  Ms. Gates isn't targeting everyone with her altruistic plans.  Her concern is targeted toward reducing the spawning of new life by the most despicable group of people on the planet:  the poor.  In particular poor Africans.

She says the contraception allows women to follow the recommendation of elitists like herself who have such wonderful plans and ideas for everyone.  She states "When women have the power to make choices about their families, they tend to decide precisely what demographers, economists, and development experts recommend. They invest in the long-term human capital of their families."

"Invest in the long-term human capital of their families."  By not having family?  What?  Who believes such nonsense.  She definitely needs a better script writer
The article continues with more drivel from her about saving lives by not creating them using the one group of people that is always used by elitists to justify their plans for everyone else:  the poor.

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