Man helps people reduce taxes, government official says he is hurting everyone

Upstate New York has some of the highest property taxes in the country (see map below of property taxes as a percent of home price).  One man has started a business where he helps residents challenge government assessments which are used as the basis for calculating property taxes.

"The Tax Opposer" is the name of his business and he gets a percentage of the savings if he is able to reduce the assessment for a homeowner, nothing if he is unsuccessful.

One of the local government officials spoke out against this hideous man who dares to help folks keep their hard earned money out of the hands of their glorious overlords.

Ron Nesbitt, the Webster town supervisor, stated that lowering property taxes for some in the town would cause everyone else to pick up more of the tab. This is the typical view of those in government positions, that is, unlike business, the stream of money flowing towards government shall forever remain constant or increase.  Thus, according to Nesbitt: "In the end, this hurts everybody". Well it certainly hurts those dependent on government funds but I doubt those paying less taxes fell much hurt.

The government official also stated what he believed to be the depraved motivation of this crafty businessman: " doing this for mass marketing, for money." Oh the horror.  When governments shake down people for property tax payments it is only doing so because the government knows what is best for residents.  It's not doing it for the money. Nah, that couldn't be the case.

The real kicker is the last sentence in the article.  The bureaucrat states "The problem here is taxes are too high".  Huh? First he derides those who attempt to reduce their taxes and in the same breath states that taxes are too high?  Logic is obviously not a strength of most bureaucrats.

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