Free market justice in Vancouver

After the Vancouver hockey team lost the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs there were riots in downtown Vancouver. It often seems that justice escapes those that damage property and person during the riot. Not in Vancouver, however.

One man took upon himself to find a way to identify the rioters. He setup a website where photos and videos could be uploaded that would help identify the rioters. Funny enough, some of the rioters were found posting their own videos and photos to the website thinking they were showing off.

The rioters were easily identified. The article points out that one business was able to bring lawsuits against 150 rioters that were identified by the website.

Identifying the rioters was probably punishment enough. They become ostracized from society and some may lose their job and friends. How can they regain the trust of others? Offer to pay for the damages they inflicted. Fix the things they broke. Pay hospital bills for the people they injured.

Free market justice is swift and innovative, it does not involve paying tribute to men in funny robes, or lengthy proceedings that drain taxpayer resources.

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