Mexican kidnappings: when people tire of fear

I've read stories about Mexican kidnappings. I've always wondered how this perverse activity could be alleviated. In Mexico the people can not count on the police to help them eradicate this evil since the police, in many cases, are part of the kidnapping.

The people must confront the kidnapping problem and find their own solutions. The rich use private security firms to protect their families. What are the other options?

It seems like people would be living in a constant state of fear as long as the practice of kidnapping persisted. the video below shows, people tire of living in fear. They realize there are many things worse than death or being kidnapped. Death might even be a welcome relief from the stress and anxiety. These people realize they must confront the problem themselves if there is ever a hope of serenity. I have no doubt that the woman in the video would lynch the men thought to be involved with the kidnappings. The frustration and anger come through in her fulmination against the alleged kidnappers.

Also, I have to wonder if law enforcement jobs are looked down upon by Mexicans? I wonder if the profession is discouraged by parents.

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