Worldwide money printing

Money printing by all the major central banks continues. Strong currencies will not be tolerated as central banks continue the game of "Oh yeah? You think you're currency is weak? Well I'll just print a gazillion [insert currency name here] and show you."

Japan was previously open about its interventions into the currency markets. It now conducts "stealth" interventions to prevent the yen from appreciating against the US dollar.

The Swiss Franc, which previously was regarded as a save-haven currency, will also not be allowed to appreciate against the Euro. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has set a cap of 1.20 francs per Euro. If the franc strengthens the SNB will print francs and intervene in the currency market to prevent the franc from appreciating.

Thus, currencies that were once thought of as safe, stable currencies are now playing in the currency printing game. If the FED and the ECB continue printing money, which I have no doubt they will, the Swiss and the Japanese will follow suit. This leaves few options for investors to park their money.

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